Fender Instruments

In 1965 when Guitar Showcase was just getting started, there was one brand that was key to the stores success. That Brand is Fender. And Fender has always been a favorite choice of not only our clients, but guitarists the world over. To say nothing of Bassists. But Fender has never been one to rest on its past successes, which has led to new "classics" that blend the Old Tone with New Technology. Such as the '68 Custom Series of Amplifiers or the new Journeyman Relic's from the Custom Shop. Fender hasn't forgotten that we all have to start somewhere, and so they give plenty of bang for the buck for the new players with the Squier Classic Vibe and Vintage Modern series. Guitar Showcase is proud to be Fender Showcase Dealer. While we try to give you a taste of what that means to us here on our Web Store, we would love for you to stop by for the Full Treatment! We always carry the largest selection of Fender gear possible just so you can get your hands and ears on it.